Nowadays in the world of gambling, online casinos have a lot of demands. People everyday become a gambler because discover how great gambling is. But that is not all; the main work of casinos is to attract more and more people. And it is working! There are many strategies applied by casinos, but the best of all them are bonuses. Currently, there are many types of bonuses and promotions, and every casino has what they think it is the best for their gamblers and for their earnings. However, casinos only give bonuses to keep the attention of clients.

New casinos tend to compete with old casinos and their reputation. So, new casinos have the need to offer best bonuses and promotions to beat the old ones. And what these bonuses are? Normally, new casinos go with traditional bonus: Free bonuses and welcome bonuses. But there are others that go a little different; they offer higher bonuses, spin bonuses and no deposit bonuses. New casinos frequently change these bonuses in order to keep attracting people, but are these bonuses the best? Yes! Why? The answer is very simple: As they are new, the need clients to succeed so their bonuses will be the best all over the net as long they are known as new.

Here are some new casinos with the best bonuses

  • Bgo: offers up to £200 bonus and also 200 free spins bonuses. Not bad!
  • CasinoCruise: offers to its new clients a welcome bonus of £1000 and 120 spins bonuses.
  • SlotsMagic: gives to every gambler a bonus of £500 and 100 free spins.
  • Leo Vegas: normally offers a bonus of £1000 to every gambler and also gives 200 for free spins bonus.

As you see, new casinos always have the best bonuses for any type of gambler!